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Rubber strip material analysis
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Rubber strip material analysis

What are the materials of rubber strips? The materials commonly used by rubber manufacturers are as follows:

1. Natural rubber: synthetic rubber strip

It has high elasticity, high tensile strength, good wear resistance and drought resistance. Operating temperature range is about -60 to 80. Synthetic rubber strips are widely used in industry and agriculture, national defense, transportation and daily life.

2. Butyl rubber: wear resistant rubber strip

With large elongation, self adhesion, good water tightness, good air tightness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and shock absorption and heat insulation properties. Wear-resistant rubber strip is widely used in all kinds of machinery, oil and chemical media.

3. Neoprene rubber (CR) : aging resistant rubber strip

It has excellent antioxidant and ozone resistance, so its anti-aging property is particularly good. Temperature range: about -45 to 100. Aging resistant rubber strip is widely used in automobile, electronics, chemical industry, antistatic, flame retardant, building doors and Windows and other industries.

4.NBR: oil-resistant rubber strip

It has good gasoline resistance, operating temperature range of about -30 to 100. The corresponding products are: oil resistant rubber joints. Oil resistant rubber strip is widely used in automobile, machinery, valve and other industries.

5. Epdm rubber strip

Epdm rubber strip is a common rubber strip, which is characterized by acid and alkali resistance, and the operating temperature range is about -30 to 150. Corresponding products: acid and alkali resistant rubber strip. EPDM rubber strip is widely used in automobile, machinery, valve and other industries.

6. Fluorine rubber (FKM) high temperature and corrosion resistant rubber strip

Fluoro rubber (FKM) is an organic elastomer made by fluoro monomer copolymerization. It is characterized by high temperature resistance up to 300. Known as the king of rubber, it can be processed into rubber hose, tape, film, gasket, oil seal, O-ring, etc., widely used in shipbuilding, aviation, automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, instrumentation, electronic and electrical appliances and other industries.

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