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Basic process flow of rubber
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Basic process flow of rubber

1. Basic technological process

With the development of modern industry, there are many kinds of rubber products, rubber sealing ring, silicone sealing ring, fluorine rubber sealing ring and so on. But its production process is basically the same. Raw rubber products as raw materials, its production process mainly includes: raw material preparation ¡ú mixing ¡ú mixing ¡ú cutting ¡ú forming vulcanization ¡ú burr treatment ¡ú maintenance ¡ú packaging shipment.


2. Preparation of raw materials

The main material of rubber products is raw glue and coordination agent. Among them, raw rubber is the basic material, and the coordination agent is the auxiliary material added to improve some properties of rubber products. During the preparation of raw materials, ingredients must be accurately weighed according to the formula.

3, mixer

In order for the raw rubber and the compound to mix evenly with each other, it is necessary to process certain materials, a process called mixing.

4, mixing

In order to adapt to different conditions of use, obtain different properties, but also to improve the performance of rubber products and reduce the cost, it is necessary to add different coordination agents into the raw rubber. Blending is a process in which the raw rubber and the compounding agent are mixed and placed in the rubber mixer. Through mechanical mixing, the compounding agent is completely and evenly dispersed in the raw rubber.

5, blanking

According to the weight and size of the product, cut into strips of different sizes and weights of raw materials, to be molded vulcanized.

6, forming vulcanization

Put the cut strip of raw material into the mold, and melt the raw material into the mold through the high temperature of the molding machine.

7, burr processing

Separate the burrs from the product, including manual drawing and mechanical burrs.

8 and maintenance

Through artificial, the poor appearance of the product selection, poor appearance mainly including burrs, dirty mold, immature, lack of material, blistering and so on.

9. Packaging and shipment

According to different size, packaging different quantity shipment.

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