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Correct treatment of oil seal leakage
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Correct treatment of oil seal leakage

The oil seal lip produces a radial load, that is, radial pressure, in the process of rotary dynamic engagement with the journal. This pressure has a great impact on the wear rate and sealing performance of the oil seal lip. If the radial pressure is too small, the friction is greatly reduced, although the wear of the two can be reduced, but the sealing performance of the oil seal is seriously reduced, resulting in oil leakage or serious oil leakage. If the radial pressure is too large, although it is beneficial to enhance the sealing performance of the lip of the oil seal, but the friction between the two increases, and the torus of the contact between the two is difficult to form a good oil film, so it will intensify the wear of the two, so that the lip of the oil seal is damaged and the journal in a short period of use, and there is oil leakage.

In addition to radial pressure, the sealing performance of oil seal is also related to the journal surface roughness, journal runout, the linear velocity of the rotating surface and the smoothness of the lip, rubber material, the elasticity of the self-tightening spring and other factors. In addition, the bearing lack of oil or oil is too dirty and silt and other debris invasion, will aggravate the lip wear and make it loose contact with the journal, resulting in oil seal seal failure.

Two, the installation of oil seal matters needing attention

Oil seal damage and wear, although related to improper use and maintenance, but mainly from improper installation, so we should strictly install the oil seal, protect the installation quality of oil seal.

(1) Choose qualified oil seal. When selecting oil seals, we should choose products with reputation and quality assurance. Do not covet cheap, buy no packaging, no certificate, no manufacturer of fake and inferior products. The specification and size of the new oil seal should be consistent with the replaced old oil seal, and the oil seal skeleton should be hard without deformation; The rubber is smooth and non-explosive, and firmly combined with the skeleton; Lips should have good toughness and no damage crack defects; Self-tightening spring should have no distortion, no rust, each coil of spring arranged closely symmetrical.

(2) try to press the oil seal with special tools. When installing the oil seal, it is not allowed to take a simple and brutal method, use hammer, iron bar and other tools to knock hard to load the oil seal, and use special tools to slowly press the oil seal into place. If you do not have special tools, you can find a short steel pipe whose inner diameter is slightly larger than the diameter of the journal and its outer diameter is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the oil seal. Cover the steel pipe on the oil seal and gently and evenly hit the torus of the upper steel pipe with a hammer to make the oil seal installed in place. When installing, put the oil seal positively, and press it into the process without making the oil seal crooked. In order to reduce the pressure resistance of the oil seal, the cylindrical surface of the oil seal can be coated with a thin layer of oil.

(3) before the oil seal is loaded into the shaft end, a little oil can be applied to the lip of the oil seal to make the oil seal smoothly set into the shaft end. At the same time, check shaft end and journal, do not allow burr, rust and collision scars. If yes, use tools such as file, whetstone and grinding wheel to repair the oil seal lip to avoid scratching. If the oil seal installation must be through a spline shaft, in order to avoid spline edge edge injury and lip mouth, plastic film can be used to wrap the spline shaft, the surface is coated with oil, the oil seal is set on the film cylinder, slowly rotating propulsion, can make the oil seal smoothly through the spline shaft.

(4) In the process of installing oil seal, should always pay attention to the position and state of self-tightening spring. Self-tightening spring by vibration, easy to fly off or skew, so it must be closely watched. If the elasticity is insufficient, the corresponding length can be cut to solve the problem, but the joints at both ends must be guaranteed. Installation of oil seal station and the use of appliances, should be kept clean, all possible contact with the oil seal lip and working surface of the appliance should be smooth without burr, sharp Angle, to prevent damage to the oil seal. If necessary, the surface of the oil seal can be padded with rubber or other flexible items to protect the oil seal from injury.

(5) The operator should master the technical essentials of correct installation of oil seal, and operate it carefully. It should not be taken lightly to prevent improper installation, deformation of oil seal and failure to reach the required position.

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